What’s up with Britain’s love for Bitcoin?


Most Bitcoin users from areas from all around the world believe that their governments are strongly against the cryptocurrency, mostly due to the fact that it takes away their influence over the country’s financial system. For example, Bitcoin is banned in a couple of countries such as Russia. In the United States, laws differ from […]

Mt. Gox CEO was finally arrested following a long investigation


Mark Karpeles, the chief of Mt. Gox, the bankrupt Bitcoin exchanged was arrested this morning in Tokyo, Japan, following a long investigation and thousands of man-hours, all with the scope of proving that he is guilty for the collapse of Bitcoin last year. Mt. Gox was the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange, operating over in Tokyo, […]

Giveaway Of Bitcoins By Microsoft


Bing Rewards a promotional tool by Microsoft offers a chance to win $500 in Bitcoin for simply using your Bing Reward points on this sweepstakes. If anything was going to make a price spike Microsoft sure seems to want to do that. $500 in Bitcoin to be given away in sweepstakes the word “Bitcoin” being […]

Coin.mx partners have just been arrested at their homes in Florida


Today represents a sad day in the world of Bitcoin, as two prominent members of the crypto-community were accused and arrested for operating a Bitcoin exchange illegally. The news report mentions that two alleged operators of the well-known Bitcoin exchange Coin.mx have been arrested over at their homes in Florida, US by the FBI, after they were accused […]