Ex Federal-Agent faces 20 years in prison for Bitcoin theft in the Silk Road investigation


If you’re a fan of Bitcoin, then chances are that you’ve heard about the Silk Road scandal, which was practically the world’s largest online drug marketplace, with millions of dollars’ worth of transactions taking place on a daily basis. After extensive investigation, Ross Ulbricht, the owner of the website was sentenced to life in prison, […]

Barclays is likely the first bank to truly support Bitcoin in the UK


We have covered the UK’s support for Bitcoin before, and how London is likely to become the world’s Bitcoin hub. To put things better into perspective, since Bitcoin came out a couple of years ago, the British Government carried out analysis of the market and has acknowledged that the digital currency has strong potential. The […]

Bitcoin threatened by the conflict of whether the block size limit should be raised now or later


We’ll get somewhat more technical today, as there’s an issue on the market which will likely affect the development of Bitcoin if not dealt with accordingly. As you may already know, there’s no central authority over Bitcoin at this moment in time, and nor will there be any in the foreseeable future, which is great. […]

Bitcoin value slowly increases after alarming low


We’ve recently covered the alarming Bitcoin value plunge which most likely happened because of the Chinese ‘Black Monday’ stock event, where the stocks plummeted to the ground, in an alarming collapse that they urgently need to recover from. If you recall, Bitcoin’s value fell from around $230 to around $198, which is the first time […]

E-Coin launches affiliate program for their Bitcoin debit cards


Bitcoin credit and debit cards are great. Why? They let you use your bitcoins just like you would use traditional currencies, in stores from all around the world that accept cards such as Master Card. During the last couple of months, quite a large number of Bitcoin businesses have begun creating their own Bitcoin credit […]

Bitcoin in China: An analysis


Since Bitcoin appeared back in 2008, China has represented an interesting hub for the digital currency, mostly thanks to the fact that the public has taken great appeal in it, but also due to the simple idea that Chinese investors saw high potential in the cryptocurrency, and therefore decided to invest in it. However, China […]

Xapo Says Bitcoin More Important Than Internet


Xapo has said that it is costing too much to live on cash and it is important to get Bitcoin to the world so that people can live cheaper and better more filling lives. This is part of what Xapo had to say on people having to spend cash: “If you are one of the […]