Linda Coin Staking

Linda Cryptocoin is both a proof of work and proof of stake coin. It also has a masternode. To qualify for a masternode you must have:
30 Million LINDA Staking and staking at least 24 hours with unlimited maximum staking age. Linda has 50 billion coins.

LindaCoin Features

The coin offers all of the following features:

  • Over 70% pure PoS block reward phase
  • Masternodes to make transactions instant
  • 50% block rewards for masternodes
  • Stealth address for security and anonymity
  • Encrypted messaging system
  • Multi-wallets for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Web wallets, Android wallet, iOS wallet, and Electrum wallets are all listed as “coming soon”
  • Masternodes get 50% of the block’s total mining reward
  • Max supply of 50 billion LindaCoins
  • Block reward halving every 15 months
  • Yearly interest of 99% (99% APR)
  • 90 second block time
  • DGW v3 difficulty retargeting algorithm

You can download its wallet from …

You can buy it from:

1 Cryptopia
2 YoBit
3 CoinExchange
4 Novaexchange

It is still cheap to buy.

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