New Masternodes with Sentinel are Very Bad Investment

New masternode coins with sentinel requirement to run the masternode are coming out everyday and each masternode costs about $20k to $45k These new coins tricked potential investors with outrageous ROI in the range of 5000% and above. They tricked with low number of MN currently installed (like 2 MN–those are the genesis nodes). Since can only detect 2 MN currently installed, the ROI is extremely high, but what did not know is that there are already 60 MN already installed but the developer did not release the sentinel for these MN operators to run so all these masternodes were in the “Watch_dog expired” status. So unknown investors spent $45k to buy a maternode to chase after the 5000% ROI thinking that they are going to be MN number 3, not knowing that the real ROI at the time of purchase is probably around 1000% because the current number of MN is 60, not 2 as reported by Once the developers of these sentinel masternodes released the sentinel program required to run the masternode, the ROI and the price of the coin dropped like a rock because by this time there are already well over 60 MN bought. Here are two examples of two coins that required sentinel to run the masternode : Rapture and Advance. At this moment I believe they will release more sentinel required masternode coins so they can grab more cash from unwary investors.

So be very careful with new masternode coins that required sentinel to run. I believe these coins are released by the same developers. Do you want to buy something that will lose 90% of its value in 1 to two weeks?

What do these coins have in common? The developers do not want investors to know who they are so they can create more sentinel-required msternodes in the future.



Rapture coin ( the same developer as Advance coin) came out as

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