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Linda is an extremely new masternode clone that is becoming more popular since DASH’s market cap exploded. Though that being said if this is just simply a clone, it’s probably one of the better-designed coins. The client is clean, and no immediate bugs or issues seemed apparent, though there were some concerns initially about not being able to find the source code or that it hadn’t been made available. This seems to be false as I was able to locate it after digging around. There is also a very well designed website that accompanies the client which tells me that the developers have a good eye for design and if that’s true hopefully the ability to code just as well.

For now, Linda is a low market cap coin with just a few small exchanges picking it up but has been noticeably been accepted at and quite quickly for a new coin offering. It seems to be a good sign even though this coin is so new, and is too early to call it good or bad yet.

How to setup a Linda masternode

  1. Create an address you would like to send the required collateral to. i.e I create an address and labeled it masternode0 and any following nodes sequentially.

  1. You can alternatively use getaccountaddress masternode0 on the debug console to generate an address

  1. Send the 30,000,000 collateral needed to the address you just created in the first step
  2. Make sure you send exactly 30,000,000 and account for the transaction fee, so you will actually be sending 30,000,000.001 to have your transaction processed in the queue faster. You can opt not to but it may take longer to have the funds show up in the address you just created.
  3. Once the transaction has been sent, and you can now see that you have exactly 30,000,000 LINDA coins, it’s time to dump your private keys and get the transaction id of the 30,000,000 coins you sent so that you can provide the network proof of putting the coins up for collateral.
  4. If you’re only maintaining 1 master node then all you need to do is generate the new private key and edit Linda.conf to enable your new masternode. Open the debug console and type:

masternode genkey

  1. Open the debug console and write this down someplace safe

  1. Generate new account address, or list the address for that account using getaccountaddress

getaccountaddress "Masternode0"

  1. Use address just generated to dump the private key like this.

dumpprivkey LhkQvqWe3K8n493KWFTzXhGujRmKB2bwV9

  1. To get the transaction ID if you’re planning on running multiple nodes from the same wallet

masternode outputs

  1. Collect up all the information those commands will provide you and let’s create the linda.conf or masternode.conf file required to set up this masternode. In the data directory located by default at %appdata%\Linda create a new file named “Linda.conf” if you plan on j”masternode.conf” that has the following format. Just replace the pertaining information

masternode0 <wallet address> <dumprivkey key> <txid from masternode outputs> <#>

  1. If you did everything correctly, go back to the same debug console and type, masternode start or more likely in my case, masternode start-many to see if the node begins to run or you need to troubleshoot it some more, but this should work even with only one masternode. I prefer to use this rather than the other method.

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