Setup Multiple Linda Masternodes with 2 Million coins

Lindacoin Cold Hot Masternode Setup Guide

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Linda Coin Cold/Hot Masternode Setup Guide

This detailed guide is made for the Linda community and will lead you how to setup a Hot (Linux) & Cold (Windows) Masternode. If you need any help, feel free to join us on Discord:

Before you start

  • A Linda masternode requires 2.000.000 (2 million) coins, you can buy these coins at the following exchanges:
  • We refer to Hot wallet as the Masternode that is running on the VPS. We call it hot because it’s directly accessible on port TCP 33820 for 24/7 and much vulnerable than the Cold wallet. The hot wallet has a balance of zero coins and this will stay zero forever. If you follow this guide you don’t need to configure port forwarding on the VPS
  • We refer to Cold wallet as the Windows QT software that’s installed on your home PC, safe behind a firewall. This Linda wallet contains the 2M coins for the Masternode. This wallet doesn’t need to be only 24/7 with a static IP address. Don’t stake the wallet with the 2M coins in, it will cause the coins to split and disable your masternode
  • All masternode payouts will come in your cold wallet (even when it isn’t online)
  • In this guide you will find some lines of text you have to copy, it has a dot in front of it, you can copy all the text in once. The dots won’t be copied
  • Follow all provide steps exactly & read the guide first before starting

Why do you need a VPS for the masternode?

  • The masternode needs to be online 24/7 with low latency
  • A static IP address is required
  • You need some IT knowledge (port forwarding, firewall rules, networking…) if you run the masternode at home
  • Security! Every IP can be traced, if you run a masternode at home you can become an easily target for criminals (they know you have cryptocurrency)

Cold wallet setup

  • Download the Windows QT software from: Most users will need the 64bit version (Win64.Linda-Qt). Check your system information if you need the 32 or 64-bit version
  • Open the download file and extract the file to your desktop PC
  • Open the file & next until finished
  • Click on the “Receive” tab and at the bottom “New Address”. Label the address as “MN1” and press OK.
  • To fast-forward the syncing process, download the bootstrap:
  • Close your Linda software & go to the following path: “C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Linda”
  • Copy the files from the ZIP file directly to this location (without the autoBootstrap file). Replace the files in the destination if asked
  • Open your Linda wallet again and copy your MN1 address. Send EXACTLY 2.000.000 LINDA to this address. IF you send these coins directly from an exchange note exchange fees!
  • Your wallet needs now some time (from couple of minutes to couple of hours) to sync the remaining blocks
  • When you received the coins, you will have to wait for 15 confirmations until the next steps for the Cold MN setup (you can continue with Hot wallet installation in meantime)
  • When your transaction has 15 confirmations, go to Help – Debug window – Console and perform 2 commands: (all lower text!)

masternode genkey

masternode outputs

  • Never give out these 2 keys to anyone. Copy these 2 files to a temporary notepad file. If the “masternode outputs” shows nothing you didn’t send yourself EXCATLY 2M Linda or it isn’t confirmed yet.

Hot wallet setup

  • Rent a VPS from Vultr. Please use this referral link: if you don’t have an account, you help me by using this link.
  • Order a new server:
  1. Server location: Pick one, doesn’t matter
  2. Server Type: Ubuntu; 16.04 x64
  3. Server Size: $5 (25GB SSD)
  4. Skip the rest
  5. Press deploy now & let it install
  1. TIP 1: You can paste copied text in putty with a right click in the Putty console
  2. TIP 2: When you enter (or paste) the password nothing will happen (=it stays hidden), press enter on your keyboard to continue

Perform the following commands in Putty after you’re logged in:

git clone

cd Lindacoin


This script will install all needed updates & upgrades. The server will reboot when this script is finished, but this will take some time.

When your VPS reboot, you will get error “server unexpectedly closed network connection”, press OK & wait 2 min before reconnecting. After reconnecting & logging in perform:

cd Lindacoin


This script will install the Linda software. After some time you will be asked for your private key (this is your earlier generated masternode genkey), when you have copied this key you can right-click in Putty to paste it. Press enter to continue.

When the installation is completed:

  • You have downloaded the bootstrap files earlier, if they aren’t extracted to a new folder on your desktop you can do it now
  • Download, install & open FileZilla:
  • File – Site Manager, click on “New Site” and fill in the details & click on OK. In host you fill in your Vultr IP address and use SFTP as protocol & save. You can connect to your VPS now.
  1. Host: Your VPS IP address
  2. Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  3. Port: Leave empty
  4. Logon Type: Normal
  5. User: root
  6. Password: Your VPS password
  • On the left side: navigate to the folder where you have extracted the bootstrap
  • On your right: double click on “.Linda”
  • Select all files (database folder, txleveldb, blk0001.dat, peers.dat) and right click & upload. You will get a popup, select “Overwrite” & “Always use this action” in combination with “Apply to currenct queue only” & click OK.

Now you have to wait untill all files are transfered (time this takes is fully depending on your uploadspeed). When this is finished perform in your VPS:


Wait 15 seconds & perform the following command to check “Blocks: xxxxx”:

Lindad getinfo

Wait 5 minutes & perform the following command to check if the blocks are increasing:

Lindad getinfo

If the blocks are still the same, try the same command in 15 minutes. If it then is still the same try another bootstrap (join our Discord for help on this)

Finalizing the configuration

Go back to your Windows Linda software and close the wallet

Go to the appdata folder: “C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Linda” and edit Linda.conf to this (copy text below):

  • rpcuser=asupersecureusername
  • rpcpassword=anevenmoresecurepassword
  • rpcport=33821
  • rpcallowip=
  • daemon=1
  • staking=0
  • server=1
  • listenonion=0

Copy & paste it and change rpcuser & rpcpassword to the values that you have set in your Linda.conf file in your VPS (if you have changed them).

Make a new file “masternode.conf” (no capital letters and save it as type: All Files) with the following text:

MNName IpVps:33820 MasternodeGenkeyColdWallet MasternodeOutputsColdWallet Nr

Example: MN1 S4gEs5G4eG56g4gIomOMe4g Goi7LjMjiGd80Gdsf 1

Save this file and open your Linda software again

Let it sync for a couple of minutes to be sure that everything is running & synced

Go to Help – Debug Window – Console and perform “masternode start-many”. You should get: “Successfully started 1 masternodes…”

Extra validation step

Go to your VPS and perform “Lindad masternode start”. If you get masternode started remotelyyou masternode is running, congrats!

Your MN will appear in the list under “Masternodes” but this can take some time. It will also take around 1 hour for you MN to update it stats (so you will see around 1 hour: Active (secs): xxx).

Some more info

What happens if my VPS gets hacked?

Because of the Hot & Cold setup your coins are safe on your own PC, if people hack your VPS the only thing they can do is converting it for their self (but they need 2M coins for that) or shutting your VPS down… So, this isn’t a big deal…

Do I need to backup my wallets?

If you followed this guide you don’t have to backup your VPS wallet, but you have to backup your Cold wallet 3 times and to be sure: encrypt it!! Safe every copy on different safe places.

What is different if my Cold wallet is on Mac?

Not much, only the location of your backend files (appdata), for the rest it’s all the same.

Who made this guide?

I’m NerdyUser, IT dude from Belgium and you can find me in the official Linda discord! You can also follow me on Twitter (

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