ATLANT is the cutting edge land stage with essential blockchain innovation. Key highlights of the Atlant stage give progressive abilities regarding wellbeing, proficiency, and benefit in the worldwide land showcase. ICO Atlant will occur in September, with the dispatch of the stage to be held in March 2018.

Atlant Platform, Offers The Most Efficient Solution For Buying Or Selling Property Units With Tokens.

Atlant gives a security framework, carefully designed framework enables stage clients to exchange properties that are costly and wasteful. The Peer-to-Peer exchange highlight (P2P) will enable clients to cut middle person charges in rent exchanges, which will enhance ease of use and security for visitors and hosts, increment client comfort, decrease costs, and support mass appropriation.

Atlant handles two of the most critical issues in land with a decentralized blockchain stage: Tokenized Ownership and Global P2P Rentals.

What’s more, always remember this, Real Estate is the biggest resource part of the world however it is likewise a standout amongst the most wasteful. ATLANT will probably engage the worldwide land market of $ 217 + trillion (with an expected volume of $ 1.4 trillion out of 2017) to include comfort, straightforward and simple to contribute and exchange. This won’t just outcome in more benefits since it accelerates exchanges, bring down aggregate expenses and will likewise extend the market measure by permitting members whose assets are littler to take an interest.

Indeed, even CEO Atlant, who is as of now experienced on Wall Street, Julian Svirsky is extremely eager about this undertaking. “We assess an exceptional open door for disturbance in the worldwide land and hotel markets,” said Julian Svirsky, CEO of ATLANT, “the ATLANT stage will empower speculators, visitor facilities and property proprietors to profit in an assortment of ways, conveying cost investment funds And Convenience, contrasted with current choices where costly and wasteful “. Julian is a veteran on Wall Street with 14 years of involvement in mutual funds and interest in worldwide banks.


Tokenized Ownership
List of real estate tokens representing shares in individual real estate assets and their liquid trades in transparent and orderly markets with price discovery.

Rent P2P
Significantly reduce costs for lessees and lessors & minimize the possibility of fake reviews and fake ratings, which override existing centralized services such as Airbnb and Booking.

Asset ownership or lease agreements are secured by blockchain technology, which provides decentralized data storage.

Price Discovery
Real estate assets are respected and freely traded on the exchange of digital assets, ensuring transparency and price discovery.

Investments are denominated in a shareable token, allowing users to diversify their asset holdings and invest with modest portfolio sizes.

Buyers and sellers can trade property tokens without causing substantial price changes in assets.

Low Cost
Overhead is eliminated and the user pays a much lower commission on both the purchase and rental transactions processed through smart contracts.

Completion of transactions and assessments confirmed on the blockchain and can not be changed after made to eliminate disputes and improve the efficiency of the real estate market.

The objective of Atlant is to engage the worldwide land advertise worth $ 217 + trillion in volume 2017 $ 1.4 trillion 2 to locate a more straightforward and fluid approach to contribute and exchange. The ATLANT stage tries to help subdivide singular land bundles into tokens, and after that PTO (Property Token Offering) and enlist them on the trade, beginning with a decentralized ADEX trade in light of the Ethereum savvy contract.

The race of blockchain innovation is accepted to have the capacity to quicken the economy alongside the disturbance of industry by opening up a lot of individual limit and already undiscovered responsibilities of token, will now totally change property exchanges and possession exchange as we probably am aware it.

The nearness of Atlant can lessen the issue of the high rental cost of the property today and will positively additionally be a solid source in deciding a certifiable or phony property item. These methodologies are connected to existing decentralized trade benefits and are demonstrated to function admirably.

Atlant gives two highlights utaman to any individual who needs to participate in it, to be specific:

– Ownership of Token that will have the capacity to improve any kind of operation with property, including property venture and exchange of proprietorship, in entire or to some extent. Land tokens speaking to property proprietorship will permit a fluid, fluid land market to be exchanged with straightforwardness (value revelation).

– Peer-to-Peer rentals will have the capacity to altogether diminish the expenses of the two gatherings (lessors and lessors) and limit the likelihood of fake surveys and fake appraisals, which are the primary issues of existing unified rental administrations, for example, Airbnb, Expedia and Booking and Others.

Atlant endeavors to dependably build up each current innovation with the goal that each exchange that guarantees each security, straightforwardness, and productivity. In light of this, Atlant strongly issued a token that can demonstrate their character in each current exchange. Token Atlant curtailed with “ATL”.

ATL tokens give many advantages to each of its voters, among others, as takes after:

– Low cost – Overhead is killed and clients pay a much lower commission on both buy and rental exchanges prepared through brilliant contracts.

– Immutability – Completion of exchanges and appraisals affirmed on blockchain and can not be changed after made to take out question and enhance effectiveness of the land advertise.

– Liquidity – Buyers and merchants can exchange property tokens without causing generous value changes in resources.

– Collateral – Asset possession or rental understanding is secured by blockchain innovation, which gives decentralized information stockpiling.

– Price disclosure – Real bequest resources are regarded and openly tradeable on computerized resource trades, guaranteeing straightforwardness and value revelation.

– Accessibility – Investments are named in a shareable token, enabling clients to expand their benefit possessions and put resources into even the least complex portfolio estimate.

Total token is available sebayak 375.000.000. It can only be purchased during pre-ICO period 1 August 2017 and will get 50% discount with total available tokens of 5. 625.000 (1 ETH = 505 ATL). For the ICO period starts on 7 September with a token value of 1 ETH = 1010 ATL with total tokens available for 315,000,000 ATL.

For tokens allocation is divided based on team and developer agreement, as follows:

– 84% will be allocated to ICO
– 1.5% on pre sale
– 9.5% for team and developer
– 5% for promotional programs

This token is available on the ERC20 Enthereum smartcontract. Therefore, we must provide a walllet that support against it. One example is on

And you need to know, in this project is filled by trusted people and professionals in the field. This is because to ensure that the project is successful.

For information, please visit the official website of Atlant:

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