Medic Coin Analysis

Analysis of Medic Coin.

Medic Coin is a masternode coin with very high entrance point for masternode entrance of about $40k per masternode.  I asked the developer why is it so high and he said, “Medic Coin is a Cadillac of masternode coin.  With just 1 masternode the daily investment is about $1k.  You need 153 Crave masternode to equal this.”  Medic coin has a shared masternode service where they host your masternode with other people for just 20k MEDIC (the whole masternode requires 199,999).  This service is available at

Medic Coin is one of only a few masternode coins that has a team.  One of the team member is a physician .  The other successful masternode coin that has a team is DASH.  So being transparent is a big plus for this coin.

Medic coin has a very active community and the developers are friendly and easy to talk to.  You can join the Discord community at

Medic coin has a couple of products and marketing to support the coin.  So far the roadmap objectives were met with time to spare.

The downside of this coin is the masternode is too expensive, but again you can join the shared masternode service and have your own masternode at just 20000 medic coin


Medic Coin is currently trading at . Medic coin needs to be on bigger exchanges such as, cryptopia, bittrex, or Bianace to really take off.



Transparency                   A+

Masternode ROI              A+

Team Profile                    A+

Exhanges                        B

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