How To Mine Burst Coins

I have decided to post a tutorial on how you can mine BURST Coin, a proof-of-capacity algorithm which is environmentally friendly.

What Is BURST?

This coin is designed to use very little CPU or GPU power, which is what makes it so environmentally friendly. It is not possible to require enough work to be done during a 4  minute time frame that even the most cost efficient ASIC cannot mine efficiently enough to make it cheaper to use than a hard drive. ASICs calculation speeds are rising, but so do HDD sizes.

What Is Needed  For Me To Start Mining?

  • Some spare Hard Drive space (Can be as little as 100GB – 1TB or upwards is recommended.)
  • A Computer which has the BURST AIO Wallet (I will go through this later if you do not know how to set it up.)


1) Download the BURST AIO Wallet. This will contain the Wallet, Plotter and Miner along with other amazing features! The link for download is here:

2) Run and install the application. Run the Wallet.

3) Click ‘I am a new user’ if you do not have a wallet setup.

4) The next decision is yours. You can choose between a Local or Online Wallet.

  • Online – The wallet is stored on a separate, decentralized server. No details are on your system. No blockchain is needed to be downloaded.
  • Local – The wallet details are stored on your system and the blockchain is needed to be downloaded. If you lose details to your wallet, you cannot get it back.

5) Begin the Wallet creation procedure. The Wallet will gave you a 12 word passphrase. Write this down and keep it somewhere safe. If you plan to store it on your computer, you can encrypt it to a USB. It may also be advisable to print off physical copies of your passphrase, so that if something does happen to it on your computer, you are covered by the other copies; also be sure to keep these in a secure area where no-one would know.

6) After the creation is successful, you will be greeted with the home page. In the top left, you will be able to see your wallet address.

7) As your Wallet is new, you will have to assign a name, which is changeable when you feel like it. However, it will cost you a fee of 1 BURST to keep the network running. In order for you to get your first BURST Coins, use a faucet. A faucet will pay you between 1-5 BURST, which is just enough to get you going. To access a faucet, you will require your BURST Address which should look like ‘BURST-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX’

8) You will be taken to a web-page once you choose the faucet you want. For example, I will use the faucet.

9) Once you enter your address, press ‘Claim Burst’. The BURST should be added to your wallet after 4 Confirmations.

10) You have the basic Wallet setup! I will now take you through how to prepare you hard drives for mining.

How Do I Plot My Hard Drives?

In order for you to start mining BURST, you need to do something called plotting. This action is writing nonces to your hard drive. A nonce is an arbitrary number that may only be used once. You will plot these to your drive and then the miner will use them to form deadlines.

1) At the bottom of the Wallet, click on Write Plots.

2) Go ahead and choose the drive that you want to plot. Also choose the amount you want to plot and the amount of cores that you want to dedicate to it. Dont forget to add your wallet address at the bottom. The plots will be written using your alpha numeric ID. Once configured, press Start. A Command Line window should open up looking like this.

3) Once your drives are plotted, we can move on to the next step. Mining.

How Do I Mine BURST?

To mine BURST, it is very simple. All you need to do is point your miner to the correct pool and reward assignment.

1) Click on ‘Start Mining’ at the bottom right.

2) Select a pool that you wish to mine on.

3) Find the pool address of that pool. It can be found by going to your web-browser and typing in the address of the pool you want. We will use this for the Reward Assignment. You will also need your BURST Passphrase which you have stored earlier.

4) On the Wallet, choose click on ‘Change Reward Assignment’. It will take you to a local hosted page. Fill in the details as needed. The recipient is the pool address you found earlier.

5) Click submit and you will now have to wait 4 Blocks (16 Minutes) to mine.

6) After the wait is over, you can choose to start mining by following the way I mentioned earlier. The AIO Wallet will automatically detect the available plots on your Computer. Press ‘Start Mining’ and you’re good to go!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. If you did, please give it a vote and please consider following me on STEEMIT if you want more like this! You can find me on the BURST Forums:

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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