Secure Your Wallet

You need to backup and encrypt your wallet.  Print out your password and put it in a safe place.  Here are some places that are safe to put your wallet:

  1.  In a lock box
  2.  In a bank vault
  3.  Laminate and put it behind a picture frame
  4. Take a picture of the password and keep it in your locked Iphone



Encrypted your wallet and backup your wallet.dat


Your wallet.dat is found here:

Windows: %appdata%/pivx (or your other crypto name)
Linux: ~/.pivx/ (or your other crypto name)
Mac : ~/Library/Application Support/pivx (or your other crypto name)

Where to backup your wallet.dat?


  • Back it up on a secured usb drive , stored in a safe location
  • DVD or CD is also good
  • External hard drive not in use
  • A RaspberryPI wallet for staking to keep it secure
  • Encrypted partition on your HDD / SDD , use Veracrypt
  • Paper wallet backup , printed and laminated. Put it in a secure location.

Have more than 1 backup available so if one is corrupted then you would have a backup of a backup.


The Don’ts for backing up your wallet:

  • Never ever store your wallet.dat on any cloudhosting platform no matter how secure they advertise themselves to be. Look at the icloud hack or dropbox. Avoid all of them. Mega,dropbox,icloud,amazon etc.
  • Backing up your wallet.dat and putting it on another folder on your pc doesn’t count when suddenly you are infected by a virus or your hard drive crashes.
  • Getting a tattoo of your private key is cringe and definitely not safe.
  • Never upload your private keys to any online storage or image storage. Print only at your home printer.

Never ever trust anyone wanting to help you with your wallet.dat unless you can confirm that they are working in the official support team of the cryptocurrency you support.

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