How To Setup ITZ Interzone Masternode and Profit Handsomely

How To Setup ITZ Interzone Masternode and Profit Handsomely


Each Interzone masternode gives you about 40 ITZ coins a day worth about $16 a day.  So it is worth it to setup ITZ nodes.

You can buy ITZ on NovaExchange.  you need to buy 5000 ITZ for one masternode.


Requirements :

– You need static IP with port 11994 opened for masternodes

STEP 1 : Get Your Interzone Masternode Wallet Ready

1 – Open main wallet
2 – Click Tools –> Command Line Interface
3 – Type in “getnewaddress MN1”
4 – Send to this address exactly 5000 coins (Including fees)
5 – Wait until it reach 15 confirmation then
6 – Type “masternode genkey” in the command line like you did for “getnewaddress” and write down generated key (this is your masternode private key)

STEP 2 : open the .conf file and complete this:
It have format:
rpcuser=type anything here
rpcpassword=  give it a good trump or clinton password listen=1
masternodeprivkey=here you enter your masternode genkey

Save file

STEP 3 : Starting masternodes

– Close and restart your wallet
– Go to Debug console and enter the command: MASTERNODE START

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