How To Setup Vivo Masternode for Windows


Create a folder “vivo” on your desktop then

cd vivo


Download the latest VIVO Windows Wallet version at Click on or, depending on what version of Windows you have, to save it. If you are unsure, download

Check for the latest wallet release on the VIVO Github repository, and download the correct wallets accordingly.


After it downloads (approx 23MB), select “Show in Folder”, then double click the .zip file to open it, and copy and paste vivo-qt.exe into your VIVO folder on your desktop.



Double click on vivo-qt to run VIVO for the first time.  It will populate a wallet for you. You will be prompted to create your VIVO data directory in either the Default Directory or in a custom directory. This is where your VIVO Wallet data will be stored and it is important to know, since your Private Keys are there. Hit OK to proceed.

If you see “No Block Source Available” then it means that you are not able to connect to the network. If this happens, just close and re-open the wallet until it synchronizes. If the synchronizing appears to stall or the VIVO Wallet stops responding, then just close and re-open the wallet again.


Go to Tools -> Debug Console.


In the Console window enter getaccountaddress 0 and copy the result. This is your MASTERNODE DEPOSIT ADDRESS, where you will deposit the coins to create a masternode. Pay 1000 VIVO exactly into this address. No more, no less.


Go to Tools -> Open Wallet Configuration File. Open the file in Notepad not wordpad. Then paste in the follwoing two lines.


In the Console Debug window enter masternode genkey and copy the result. This is your MASTERNODE PRIVKEY.

Go back to the config file in Notepad and paste your privkey after the equals sign of “masternodeprivkey=”. Now save and close the file.



Close the wallet by going to File -> Exit.



Open the VIVO Wallet again by running vivo-qt.exe. This is how you will always start the wallet going forward.


Go to Tools -> Debug Console. Enter masternode start. You will see the response “Masternode started successfully”. Congratulations, your masternode is now running.

[scrn 19] [scrn 20]


Go to Settings -> Options. Click the Wallet tab. Check the box labelled “Show Masternodes Tab” and click OK.

Now click the Masternodes tab that is now visible. You should see your new masternode appear in the list with the status PRE_ENABLE.

This will change to ENABLED after a small amount of time. All masternodes need to be active for a certain amount of blocks before they are recognized by the network and eligible for rewards.

Happy Masternoding!


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