On October 25, 2017 (“STK Global Payments AG”) will direct a Token Generation Event (TGE) and will make the STK token accessible for buy on the STK token deal site ( The STK token will empower continuous purpose of offer (POS) exchanges specifically from clients’ private digital money wallets. We anticipate the capacity to make buys in-store and web based utilizing digital currencies will accelerate mass reception of the innovation. The STK token is a piece of a worldwide answer for encourage borderless exchanges. To make moment installments at purpose of offer from a blockchain wallet requires we do a continuous trade of digital currency into fiat. The STK token gives access to our state channels which a) guarantee there is adequate digital currency (i.e. Bitcoin, Ether) in the computerized wallet and b) clients spending fiat at purpose of offer will finish the buy from their digital currency resources. STK consequently opens a state channel between every client and STK’s own particular wallet. STK tokens finance the exchange, much like gas stores Ethereum exchanges. The primary usage will be with STACK’s computerized wallet. STK tokens will be executed on general society Ethereum blockchain and hold fast to the ERC20 convention.


What is STACK?

STACK is a contrasting option to customary managing an account with a superior approach to spend, spare and offer your cash, expense free and straight from your portable. Our application gives its individuals shrewd answers for individual fund, with highlights like ongoing notices, easy investment funds, money related IQ and portable tap-to-pay usefulness. STACK is making a group of clients who commend the minutes that issue most by sharing stories of exchanges on the STACK World Stream. The STACK wallet is a working item that right now is in private beta with a holding up rundown of 20,000 individuals. STACK gets to a worldwide installment arrange that empowers overall acknowledgment of the STACK wallet around the globe. The STACK wallet is a compartment for 10 sub-accounts that can hold up to 10 particular monetary standards – both nearby cash and crypto.


Issue Statement

To date, cryptographic money still can’t seem to pick up standard reception. The last boundaries to mass market selection will be expelled when digital forms of money end up plainly implanted into ordinary trade. An expected $22 trillion of customer spending happens yearly amongst customers and shippers. Nearby/national monetary standards are utilized to pay for everything from some espresso each morning to your week by week staple run. Imagine a scenario where you could pay for some espresso with Bitcoin or Ether. Without requiring the vendor to change their purpose of offer gear, STACK is empowering universal dealer acknowledgment of digital forms of money. This will enormously quicken the selection of cryptographic money and taking advantage of the current environment of worldwide trade.

STACK Vision

STK Global Payment’s vision is to make an all around open other option to customary managing an account, enabling you to store your cash securely, get to it in a flash and execute with it anyplace, in any money including crypto by utilizing the STK token, ideal from your cell phone, utilizing the STACK application. Making an advanced wallet as a sidekick to a customary card arrangement, the STACK application empowers you to utilize any of your monetary forms at purpose of offer, anyplace on the planet.

STK Solution

All together for clients of the STACK wallet to execute progressively, the STK arrangement will be incorporated into the STACK advanced multi-cash wallet. This usefulness must be gotten to with a STK token. The STK token will be utilized to pay for the working expense of setting up the State Channel. Since STK tokens can change in esteem, the cost per exchange is ascertained comparatively to how gas costs are on Ethereum.


Pre-sale Starts: October 11, 2017
Pre-sale Ends: October 24, 2017 
Sale Starts: October 25, 2017
Sale Ends: November 3, 2017
Pre-sale discount of 20%
Day 1 discount (tokens purchased during the first 24 hours of the sale) of 10%
An additional 5% will be allocated towards bounty and referral programs



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